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What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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Shipping and delivery

To which countries do we deliver?

  • EUR 1 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy**, Luxembourg, Spain, United Kingdom
  • EUR 2 Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden
  • EUR 3 Greece, Iceland*, Norway*, Switzerland*, Turkey
  • WORLD Australia*, Bahrain*, Brazil*, Canada*, Chile*, Hong Kong*, India*, Indonesia*, Israel*, Japan*, Jordan*, Kuwait*, Lebanon*, Morocco*, Mexico*, Netherlands Antilles*, New Zealand*, Oman*, Saudi Arabia*, Singapore*, South Africa*, Tailand*

*taxes and duties may apply for you as a customer. Read more about this subject in our terms and conditions **except to San Marino, Vatican City 

Outside European Union

If the delivery country is situated outside of the European Union, other rules for taxes and duties may apply for you as a customer. Read more about this subject in our terms and conditions

What is the delivery time of a tweet-ring?

For delivery, we depend on the chosen shipping method and the local mail delivery. We can only guarantee that we'll ship your tweet-ring within 8 business days after we’ve received your order and payment. For an estimate of the time between shipping and delivery, please check the matrix below.








Standard Mail

Delivery time

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2 - 3
Working days

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4 - 8
Working days

€ 0,00

4 - 10
Working days

€ 0,00

5 - 10
Working days

€ 0,00

6 - 14
Working days