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What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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Corporate social responsibility

As a starting company we realize that we have to make choices with sustainability in mind. There are a number of areas where we can make a difference:


CO2 neutral printing and production

We have devoted considerable attention to our packaging. The result is a lightweight, small and easy to recycle packaging, making it less polluting. We print the materials here in Amsterdam. The FSC-certified paper is printed with biodegradable inks and laminated with an innovative, biodegradable laminate. The CO2 emissions from the production is compensated by a controlled carbon reduction program. Sweet!


Our shipping packaging is designed for standard mail delivery around the world. It fits in the mailbox. The standard delivery is the most efficient method of mail delivery, with the least emissions per kilo. If you go for a registered mail package or shipment is still a low weight advantage over other packaging.


one percent is involved in projects where letters and fonts are key. We therefore want to contribute to a better education. This can be in the form of language and writing skills for the socially disadvantaged, or a more innovative way for children to learn. We will spend 1% of our net income on such a goal. We'll keep you posted.


The jewelry industry uses a lot of chemicals. However, there are already many alternatives on the market. We use bio-products to clean the rings after engraving. The laser machine itself consumes no materials or chemicals. In 2011 we will move into a new production facility, where it is our vision to achieve a pleasant working environment.

Energy use

The laser engraving machines consume little energy. Our lasers are based on the latest LED technology. We would like to use ‘green’ energy, but that's not yet the case. We have requested this of the building proprietor.

Sourcing Materials: on the roadmap

The use of chemicals in gold and silver mines is widespread. Working conditions are far from optimal. We know this and together with our suppliers we want to do better. After we launch (our second brand), we will define a roadmap towards a cleaner, greener supply chain. Such as using recycled gold.