Your favourite Tweet wrapped around your finger

What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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30 days return shipment

If you want to return a tweet-ring, follow these instructions:

  • It's possible to return an item within 30 days after shipment
  • Follow the return instructions closely.
  • A free return is optional. Please use the ‘return shipment label’ you've received* with you tweet-ring.
  • I you want to be absolutely sure your ring returns to us safely, use a secure shipment method. The costs involved are not reimbursed by

Pleaes read our  'Terms and conditions'.

    Return instructions

    Follow these steps:

    • Log in (top right of this page 'Log in')
    • Go to 'My account'
    • Click on 'Retun service'
    • Click on "Return a tweet-ring'
    • Follow further instructions

    Please note:

    • Stick the 'return shipment label' on the package on top of the original address label
    • Do not add extra weight 

    *Did not receive a return label like the one below, download and print one

      shipment label