Your favourite Tweet wrapped around your finger

What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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What is a tweet-ring?

Some messages deserve eternity. They mark a moment in your life or they are just so beautiful that you never want to forget them. With a tweet-ring, you won't. Ever.

Select a twitter message, or create your own text. For example, put the tweet on one side, and on the other the sender, date and time. Or perhaps your personal motto on both sides. Anything is possible, within the 140 characters of a twitter message. The 140 characters are super sharp engraved on both sides of your ring. Wear it always, or give it to somebody special.

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3 flavors

A tweet-ring comes in three versions: steel, titanium and silver, from 79 euros. There is a guaranteed 30 day return policy and your tweet-ring is delivered free of charge. And if you need help, click on the button to the left (‘Need help’). For more information see the page "Rings and prices'.

Precision Engraving

precisie gravering is the world's first jewelry brand that engraves texts on the sides of a ring that measure less than one millimeter - that's visible to the naked eye, yet amazingly legible, because of our advanced laser technology. For the nerds among us: take a look at a tweet-ring in the making.