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Terms and conditions

Identity of the Company

  •,, and are trademarks of Vespertied BV (Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce), Niersstraat VJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands


  • Company:,, and;
  • Website: All information made available by the Company through one of the following URLs:;;;;
  • Consumer: An individual (not a business) that enters into an agreement with the Company;
  • Destination country: The country in which the shipping address is situated;
  • Business Day: Weekdays, except for Dutch bank holidays;
  • EU: Europese Unie 


  • These Terms and conditions apply to any agreement reached at a distance between businesses and consumers and the offer of the Company.
  • Terms and conditions are available via the homepage of the Website. Also, the print text on the website. Upon request, the text is available via email.


  • The Company recognizes the validity of electronic communications, such as (but not limited to) web site, live chat and email. The agreement is established when the consumer accepts the offer. Hereby the Consumer is required to make immediate payment to the Company.
  • The Company confirms the offer via email. The website clearly states the rights and obligations of a consumer if the offer is accepted:
    • terms and conditions (this document);
    • address of the Company;
    • privacy statement;
    • prices including applicable taxes;
    • delivery costs if applicable;
    • information on after sales service;
    • manner of delivery, delivery and payment;

Offer and price

  • The website contains detailed descriptions of the goods offered.
  • Images of the goods may be improved using digital means, but provide a true interpretation of the goods.
  • Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer, whereby it may be immediately clear to a consumer that there is a mistake or error, do not bind the Company.
  • All prices on the website are presented in Euros, including Dutch VAT (19%). If prices increase after the conclusion of an agreement, before the goods are delivered, the increase does not apply to this agreement. If there is variable pricing, this is clearly stated in the offer.


  • At the time of acceptance of the agreement, the Consumer agrees to immediate payment.
  • The consumer cannot assert any rights regarding the implementation of the order before the agreed payment is final.
  • In case of non-payment by the consumer, the contract is terminated immediately and the consumer is obliged to return any delivered goods immediately. The Company may charge the Consumer with subsequent additional costs.
  • Any inaccuracies in the payment data submitted by the Consumer, must be reported to the Company immediately.

Returns & cancellation

  • The Consumer has the opportunity to return goods up to 30 calendar days after the day the goods have left our distribution center. During this period, the Consumer will use this product and packaging only to the extent necessary to assess whether the consumer wants to keep or return the product.
  • Should the consumer wish to return goods, clear and reasonable instructions should be followed. Via the website, located under ‘Delivery and payment > 30 day return policy', these instructions are available.
  • If the Consumer wants to use the free international response number, a return address label is required. Via the website under ‘Delivery and payment > 30 day return policy' (located in the footer) you will find a link to a PDF file which should be printed and pasted on the package. The risk of loss and/or damage to goods returned up to the moment of delivery to the Company lies with the consumer. To reduce these risks, consumers can opt for a secure shipping method. Any associated costs are borne by the consumer and can not be recovered. Instructions are available on the website under ‘Delivery and payment > 30 day return policy'.
  • The Company will refund as soon as possible, but no later then 10 days after receiving the returned goods. There is a full refund of the purchasing price of the ring.
  • In the event of termination of the contract before goods are shipped, the Company will refund the full purchasing price including shipping as soon as possible, but no later then 10 days after receiving the cancellation.

Delivery and implementation

  • The Company delivers the goods DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) according to the international purchasing standard Incoterms 2000. The risk of loss and/or damage to goods until the time of delivery to the consumer lies with the Company. If a product does not arrive, the Consumer should issue a declaration stating that the product is missing. The Company will order a replacement within 8 business days after receiving this declaration.
  • The Company will seek to produce complete orders within eight business days. In the event of a order without a ring size (ring size card), the order is considered ‘not complete’. After receiving the ring size from the Consumer, the Company will seek to produce the order within eight business days.
  • In case of delays or if an order cannot or can only partially be produced, the Consumer receives notice no later than eight days after the order was placed. In that case, a Consumer has the right to terminate the order without cost.

Customs and Duties (Outside E.U.)

  • For destination countries outside the European Union no VAT will be charged. Consumers outside the European Union are regarded as importers by local tax authorities and are obliged to know about the local customs formalities. The Consumer is obliged to pay possible taxes and / or import duties (customs, duties, taxes and / or other costs).
  • Any taxes or duties payable in the destination countries are not recoverable from the Company, even if the product is returned to the Company.
  • The European Union has a free trade agreement (EUR 1) with a number of countries. Consumers in these countries will pay less or no import duties or taxes for goods originating from Member States of the Europe Union. The Company states that these products are of EU origin on the invoice. The countries where no import duties have to be paid are*: Chile, Iceland, Israel, Croatia, Morocco, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Norway, Turkey, South Africa and Switzerland.


  • Consumers are entitled to a guarantee of at least one year after purchase.
  • In the event of a defect on arrival, the Consumer must submit a full and clear description of the damage to the Company within a reasonable time. The defect will be repaired free of charge. Consumers can contact the Customer service by contacting


Changes in these conditions will take effect after it is properly published on the website. For changes during the term of an offer, the most favorable determination for the Consumer(s) prevail.

Governing Law

Dutch law is applicable to all agreements between the Company and the Consumer.

Last updated November 11, 2010

*This is indicative information