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What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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Why is it called a 'tweet-ring'?

140 characters can be engraved on the edges of a tweet-ring in small letters that can be read with the naked eye. 140 characters is exactly the maximum number of characters in a tweet.

Why put a tweet on a ring?

Although the medium is volatile, some tweets deserve eternity. Because they mark a moment in your life, or display a personal motto, or you want to remember the text. Now you can. On a ring. A tweet-ring!

How do I design a tweet-ring?

You start with the text. This can be a tweet (twitter post), but it can be any other text of a maximum of 140 characters. On both sides of the ring.

I don't do Twitter. Now what?

You do not have to have a twitter account to get a tweet-ring. On the homepage, there is a second option. Type your Tweet or text. And decide what you want to have engraved on the other side as well, because it may also contain 140 characters.

How do you load tweets?

You can load all tweets from a specific twitter account. On the home page, fill in the twitter name. Click on the button below. then loads all twitter messages. Click through the results one by one. When you’ve found your favourite tweet, click on ‘start with this'. The tweet will automatically appear on one side of the ring, the sender information on the other side.

Can I use my own tweets?

Yes. Use your twitter name. A twitter name looks like this: a name with an "@" sign placed before it.

Can I load other people's tweets?

Yes, as long as you know his/her twitter name and his/her tweets are public. A twitter name looks like this: a name with an "@" sign placed before it.

Can I send non-public tweets of friends?

Yes, with a slight detour. Do not use the twitter option, but the “enter your own text” in "option”. Copy / paste the text of the tweet in step 1 and the sender information on the other.

What text does a ‘standard’ tweet-ring contain?

On the one side the text of the twitter message. On the other side the sender’s data. You can modify, add or change the text up to 140 characters.

Can I change the format?

No, has a pre-set format, in order to maintain a low price. At this point it is not possible to make changes to the format. However, if you have any suggestions, please . It is possible to create a ‘different-from-others’ ring. We have seen a lot of creativity in the entries.

Can I get a text on the inside of the ring?

No, has a pre-set format, in order to maintain a low price. At this point it is not possible to create text on the inside. But, as we speak we are working on "The ring for type lovers”. It will offer more choice of rings and fonts, text on the inside and outside ánd the ability to upload your own design. Sign up for our Newsletter or follow us on twitter and Facebook and be the first to hear when we go live!

What rings do you offer?

We have 3 tweet-rings in stock. Each with a different material and shape. We hope that you will find a ring to your liking. More information about our rings can be found here.

I already have a ring. Can you engrave mine?

No, has a pre-set format, in order to maintain a low price. At this point, we only offer new rings in steel, silver or titanium. If you have product suggestions, please !

How can I determine my ring size?

There is a page about determining your ring size: Click here.

What sizes do you have?

Available ring sizes can be found here.

What size system do you use?

Our sizing is based on the German system: the inner diameter in millimeters. You can determine your ring size in many ways. To learn more: click here.

What is a ring size card?

The Ring size card is intended to help you determine or confirm your ring size. It’s easy to use and FREE. Order it and we’ll send it to your delivery address with some instructions. A detailed explanation on how to use the card is on the ‘Ring size card’ page.

What is a ‘size guarantee’?

First and foremost, your ring should fit. If it doesn’t, we can adjust your ring by approximately 1 full size bigger or smaller. Read more about his in the ‘Size guarantee’ section.

How does the 30 day return policy work?

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days (of the date your order was shipped from our distribution center) for a full refund of the ring purchase price. Our '30 day return policy' page explains everything in detail.

How does Twitter work?

Get all answers here:

Which fonts do you use?

For the ring: Courier. For the website: Miso (an open source font: For the logo” Bello Pro (Underware)

Why isn't there a smaller ring size than 18?

The text is engraved on the sides of the ring. This means the space is very limited. If a ring is smaller, the size of the characters becomes too small to read with the naked eye. Read more about our choice of rings on the ‘Rings and Pricing’ page.

Is there a gift card?

We are currently developing a gift card. This is available in the second quarter of 2011.

How do I return a ring?

Find all information on returning your ring here.