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What's a tweet-ring? 140 characters, super sharp engraved on both sides of a ring

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Our packaging is lightweight, small and easy to recycle, causing less pollution. We print the materials here in Amsterdam. The FSC certified paper is printed with biodegradable inks, and laminated with an innovative, biodegradable laminate. The CO2 emissions from the production is compensated by a controlled carbon reduction program. Ultimately it wasn’t so hard to this 'right': our great printer De Bij ( has taken a lot of work off off our hands. Sweet!

Our packaging is designed to fit through a standard mailbox. The advantage is that a package can be delivered without having to be present to open your front door.

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Gift Options

We know many people that want to give a tweet-ring as a gift to friends. We are currently developing a gift card. Other gift options are coming soon too. These are planned for release in the second quarter of 2011.