Dein LieblingsTweet – für immer an Deinem Finger!

140 Zeichen, gut lesbar in beide Seiten des Ringes eingraviert: Das ist ein Tweet-ring.

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Step By Ste, Bit by Bit, Brick by Brick

We are concerned about the future of our kids and make an effort to minimize our carbon footprint and environmental impact. As a relatively small, starting company we have just begun to tackle the issues in these areas where we feel we could make a difference:


CO2 neutral printing and productionOur standard mail package is designed to be light (under 100 grams), small and less polluting. And it has been printed right here, in Amsterdam. The packaging is printed with biodegradable inks, on FSC certified paper and is laminated with an innovative biodegradable laminate coating. CO2 emissions have been compensated through a controlled carbon reduction program. All this was made easy for us, because our fabulous printer 'De Bij' ( has invested heavily in CSR. Sweet!


Our standard packaging is designed for standard mail service. This means it fits through a regular mailbox. Standard mail is the most efficient way of transport for our product. If you choose Secure or Parcel shipping, the weight is still an advantage.

Wealth sharing

one percent engagiert sich für bessere Lese- und Schreibfertigkeiten bei sozial unterprivilegierten Familien. Deshalb werden wir 1% unserer Nettoeinnahmen spenden, um das Lesen und Schreiben zu fördern. Auf facebook und twitter werden wir regelmäßig über unser Engagement berichten.


A lot of chemicals that are used by jewellers are being replaced with biological alternatives. We use these bio-products to clean our jewellery after production. The laser does not use any Verbrauchsmaterialien. In 2011 we are planning a new production facility in Amsterdam where the production process will be even more pleasant and relaxed for our employees. 

Energy use

The machines that we use to engrave our rings have a very limited energy use due to the use of the latest LED laser technology. The energy we use should be green as well, but it isn't. We have put 'green energy' on the agenda of our Vermieter. We'll keep you updated.

Sourcing Materials: on the roadmap

A lot of energy is used to create the raw materials of which rings are made. And in the gold- and silver mining industry there is a lot to be gained: labour conditions are quite bad, the use of large quantities of chemicals is common practice. After has launched in 2011, we are defining a road map together with our suppliers to find out how we can start using recycled gold and get materials from sustainable industries. As for now, we stick to sourcing the materials close-by (within Europe).